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Ashaeiynn is the meditation centre situated in the Hisar city of Haryana. Ashaeiynn is fully dedicated to 3rd eye activation. Ashaeiynn works remotely for opening 3rd eye of an aspirant. Ashaeiynn teaches spiritual aspirants about activation of mantra jaap and how to use that foundation to open your 3rd eye.


4 Stages of Spirituality

4 Stages of Spirituality

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Exactly Will Ashaeiynn Help Me?

Ashaeiynn Will Help You Grow On The Spiritual Path; We Will Give You Complete Guidance From An Aspirant To Become A Yogi.

No Matter In Which Profession You Are, Whether You Are A Business Man, Do A Job, A Student, Or A Housewife, If You Have A Hunger To Know The Name Of God, Then We Welcome You To Ashaeiynn. Jai Siya Ram !!

What Exactly Can I Do After 3rd Eye Activation?

You Can Do A Lot After 3rd Eye Activation. After Activation Of 3rd Eye, You Are Capable Of:

-See The Astral World With Both Closed And Open Eyes.
-Do The Astral Travel In The Multiverse
-Learn Secrets Of Universe
-Check Anyone's Aura And Chakra Scanning
-Interacting And Communicating With Dev Shakti
-Bringing Ideas From The Astral World Into The Physical World
And A Lot More.

How Will I Get Support If I Get Stuck Anytime?

Our 3rd Eye Mentors And Founder Dr. Parikshit Ghotia Take 5-6 Days/Week Sessions On A Regular Basis. In Which Aspirants Get Shaktipath, Also We Check Your Bhakti Status Weekly, Guide And Motivate You To Do Bhakti. So No Chance Of Getting Stuck.

How Can I Get Started?

To Get Started, You Have To First Book An Aura Checking Session By Clicking The "Get Started Button Below, In Which We Will Check Your Aura From 5 Perspectives:

1) Physical Aura and Astral Aura
2) Physical Chakras and Astral Chakras
3) Dev Kripa on you from past lives as well as present life
4) Negativity- Inside you, outside you, or from the other person
5) Pitr dosh and other types of dosh

After this, our 3rd eye mentors will give you insights about you and tell you how you can remove negativity if you have. And after being free from negativities you can join Ashaeiynn online and then can achieve higher consciousness by activating your third eye and kundalini shakti and much more.

Is Booking An Aura Checking Session Necessary?

Yes, An Aura-Checking Session Is Necessary Because If Someone Has Negativity Or Pitra Dosh And Is Standing Behind Them, Then If You Directly Start Mantra Japa, These Negativities Can Sap Your Generated Energy, Which Can Even Worsen Your Spiritual Growth.

So That's Why We Do Aura Checking Of All Aspirants Before They Join Ashaeiynn.

What Details Do You Want From Me For Doing My Aura Checking?

After Registering For An Aura Checking Session, You Will See A WhatsApp Button: Click On That Button Then-> The Ashaeiynn Helpdesk Chat Inbox Will Open.
Then Submit:

1) Your Full Name:
2) Your Father's Name
3) Your Grandfather's Name:
4) Your Current Address:
5) Your WhatsApp Number:
6) Your Preferred Language:
7) Your 5-10 Seconds Full Body Standing Pose Video

In How Many Days Will My Aura Checking Session Be Done After Registration?

Your Aura-Checking Session Will Be Done Within 3–4 Business Days, Depending On The Queue.

How Do I Book An Aura Checking Session For My Family?

The Booking Process Is Same For This. You Just Need To Register With Individual Names And Share Their Details Respectively.


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